The One Who You Never Met

You spend a few days on the couch feeling like crap. Your fever subsides. You’re a little coughy, but nothing you can’t handle. The body aches subside. You’re able to easily stay hydrated, so fatigue and lethargy subsides without much effort. After these few days, you’ve bounced right back because you’re healthy.

Genetic Cause of CMT2 Discovered?

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation looked at two unrelated families with CMT2 and identified "autosomal dominant mutations of the canonical Notch ligand Jagged1 (or JAG1)" in them — a likely cause for their CMT that was also backed up by experiments in mice. The CMT News site covers this in… Continue reading Genetic Cause of CMT2 Discovered?

When Words Escape

My breathing is such that I run out of air easily in mid-sentence, and mid-word if I keep on pushing. I struggle to get a full breath, and I especially struggle to fully expel because of a weakened diaphragm. When my throat muscles and vocal cords collapse, air flow gets impeded, and I have to work harder to breathe. The most remedial of tasks destroys my breathing. The same destroys my voice, even if I haven’t been talking. It can take hours to recover, and sometimes days.

CMT Is Not Muscular Dystrophy

Of all the CMT misconceptions being fostered by the medical community and thereafter being proliferated by the masses, the misconception that CMT is a form of Muscular Dystrophy is the most difficult to overcome.

Meet The New Guy

My goal is to pull you in and guide you through a smoothly flowing adventure that explores the profoundly complex world that is all things CMT, but to then render that world in easily relatable narratives that remove the veil of secrecy, and through narratives that expose the inherent mythicism of CMT.