CMT Blogs of Note

Here’s a blog focused specifically on research relating to Mitofusin 2 (MFN2) gene mutations which account for about 20% of CMT Type 2 cases: It’s backed by an Italian group for people with CMT2. I found them through their updates on current research.

Here’s a new group in Alberta for people with chronic pain: Chronic Pain Support & Connections. They’ve taken on the task of helping people with pre-existing and/or chronic conditions who are often excluded from mainstream insurance policies.  They are working to find affordable premiums for insurance coverage (health, dental and/or life insurance) for persons with chronic conditions or pre-existing conditions in Alberta.

Dan Knauss

Dan Knauss

Hi, this is my CMT blog, and I wrote this article. You can read about me and my CMT story. Get in touch if you’d like; I’m always happy to answer questions about CMT and the medical system.

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