New Study of Genetic Causes of CMT Needs Participants

The Rare Diseases Network is looking for participants in a new study looking for unknown causes of the most common types of CMT.

If you have CMT1A confirmed with genetic testing that shows the usual cause — duplication of the PMP22 gene — the study wants to understand why the symptoms can vary so much by recruiting 1,000 people to look at other possible, constellated genetic causes.

If you have been diagnosed with CMT2 via nerve conduction studies but have had no genetic cause confirmed and you have a close relative who is willing to participate, the study hopes to find new genetic causes.

Learn more by contacting the researchers at the Inherited Neuropathy Consortium site.

Dan Knauss

Dan Knauss

Hi, this is my CMT blog, and I wrote this article. You can read about me and my CMT story. Get in touch if you’d like; I’m always happy to answer questions about CMT and the medical system.

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