CMT and COVID-19

The Inherited Neuropathy Consortium (INC) has been receiving a lot of questions about SARS-CoV2 — that’s the virus; the disease you get from it is called COVID-19. People with CMT are concerned they might be at greater risk of complications.

INC says, it is their “impression that most individuals with CMT are not at greater risk for a severe infection than other people unless the CMT causes significant breathing problems.”

However, they also note they “don’t have data to actually support this belief” and they “don’t know whether certain genetic types of CMT might cause more difficulties with COVID-19.”

To fill that gap and better inform us about CMT and COVID-19, INC is asking for CMTers with a COVID diagnosis to take an anonymous questionnaire.

There seem to be possibly genetic reasons for why the disease takes hold in some people differently than others. Genetic data from COVID-19 patients is being analyzed to understand what people might have in common if they had light or severe cases.

Dan Knauss

Dan Knauss

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