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The Toronto chapter of the CMTA has regular meetings and events that can be joined remotely with Zoom. On Saturday, September 24 from 1-3pm EST their guest speaker will be Shannon Hardy, owner of Academy Foot Clinic and a trained podiatrist. Shannon will be speaking about foot care and the importance of seeing a chiropodist/podiatrist.

I always forget September is CMT Awareness Month. (And I just learned July is Disability Pride Month.) Pride and awareness are important, but pride is going to do more for you if you’re dealing with a disability.

Two articles from Young Lee at CMT News: Love your body as it is; don’t resent it. Learn to slow down and appreciate the benefit of taking it easier on yourself.

Facing existential anxiety? It’s something everyone should face sooner or later, and dealing with a disability will probably make it sooner. Here are some ideas for dealing.

Dan Knauss

Dan Knauss

Hi, this is my CMT blog, and I wrote this article. You can read about me and my CMT story. Get in touch if you’d like; I’m always happy to answer questions about CMT and the medical system.

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